[title type=”h2″ font_size=”default” font_weight=”normal” align=”left” font_family=”” color=”” bottom_indent=”0″ sc_id=”sc1416028932634″]TODD GROSSMAN[/title][title type=”h3″ font_size=”default” font_weight=”normal” align=”left” font_family=”” color=”” bottom_indent=”” sc_id=”sc1416028956769″]Writer/Producer/Director[/title]

[image action=”none” image_action_link=”#” target=”_self” align=”alignleft” image_size_alias=”200*200″ image_alt=”” link_title=”” margin_top=”” margin_right=”21″ margin_bottom=”4″ margin_left=”” sc_id=”sc1416019168404″][/image]A well-rounded filmmaker and published author, Grossman recently produced the 2014/2015 ARCH MOTORCYCLE production, working closely with Director Keanu Reeves on a complex and dynamic 7 day action shoot through numerous Southern California locales.

Grossman has a diverse wealth of experiences, ranging from an immense understanding of digital content creation to his intimate work on numerous tent-pole summer blockbusters.  Most notable, he has a visually dynamic style, exceptionally even keel, and a rare, deep understanding of both digital content creation and classical cinema production.

Born in New England, Grossman competed in action-sports and was shooting by age 12.  By 20 he graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in Cinema-Television, retired as a professional athlete including competition in the X-Games and Gravity Games, and was running a Los Angeles based production company full time.

Grossman paid his way through college directing, shooting, and editing hundreds of documentaries and videos; as well as doing stunts in commercials and feature films such as Michael Bay’s NIKE Super bowl series and BATMAN & ROBIN.   His 1st short film MEN OF ACTION won the NY Indy film festival and was chosen for LA Shorts “Best of the Fest”.

He cut his teeth working intimately with blockbuster studio directors, producers, and DP’s on major Hollywood sets around the world where he shot, produced and directed feature length documentaries and weekly web series for Paramount’s GI JOE: RISE OF COBRA, Universal’s THE MUMMY: TOMB OF THE DRAGON EMPEROR, STEALTH, SWAT, and the Vin Diesel starring xXx; for which he was nominated the DVD Exclusive: Best Documentary of the Year.

Grossman oversaw the re-shoots of the Keanu Reeves Action Thriller, JOHN WICK, as well as the Jason Statham Crime Thriller, PARKER.   He directed 12 episodes for DS2DIO’s YouTube series THE ARENA, plus dozens of broadcast and web commercials for Razor USA, Traxxas, Redwood Ventures, Playlist Live, and more.



·Telly Awards
Midnight Mission “A Hand Up” – Director
Pocket Pros Parkour “Yo Yo” – Director
Nissan 350z “Skater” – Director
KFC: “Hot Feet” – Director

Slamdance Film Festival – Official Selection
Chicago Indiefest – Official Selection

·MEN OF ACTION – Director
New York International Film Fest – Audience Award
Universal Studios Film Fest – Best Short Film
Universal Studios Film Fest – Audience Award
ifilm Shorts – Offical Selection
LA Shorts Film Festival – Best of the Fest

·THE COURIER – Writer/Director
Prometheus International Stunt & Film Festival,
Moscow, Russia – Best Film

·USAF – DO SOMETHING AMAZING Broadcast & Web Campaign – DP/Producer
AD Critic – Top Spot
AD Critic – Pick of the Week

·xXx: A FILMMAKER’S DIARY – Writer/Director
DVD Exclusive Awards – Nominated Best Documentary